API Security Checklist

We released a new checklist that focus on api security. It will help – as we hope – the developers to track and adobt the most important security countermeasures when designing, testing, and releasing their API. You can view the checklist github repository here >  Api Security Checklist. You can also join the discussion on

shhhh , your server talk too much

Information gathering is the most essential part of any hacking/penetration testing operations , you can’t hack or found vulnerability in system or server you don’t know , information is everything . if you are trying to invade a castle you must first deploy your spies to collect information about the castle what walls made of

TOR Launches encryption based chat client

We have a big news for all privacy lovers , Tor project officially launched its beta version of their new anonymous chat client that works on top of the Tor network. the team claimed that their app encrypts the content of instant messages, and say the Messenger integrates the “Off-the-Record” (OTR)  to encrypt messages and